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An experienced partner for drafting and negotiating IT contracts

Legal advice in the field of information technology requires a high level of specialist knowledge. LLP Law|Patent offers exactly this expertise and support to ensure that companies can carry out their activities as both providers and users of information technology in a legally secure and successful manner. With a deep understanding of technology and its legal framework, LLP Law|Patent is the ideal partner for companies in the digital age. LLP Law|Patent’s core competencies include the drafting and negotiation of software license agreements and models, maintenance and support contracts as well as service level agreements (SLAs). LLP Law|Patent provides its clients with expert advice on End-User License Agreements (EULAs), cloud service contracts and offers comprehensive legal support in the implementation of Software as a Service (SaaS), Product as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) models. In addition, LLP Law|Patent is your contact for agile software development, outsourcing and managed service contracts as well as for ERP, CRM and SCM implementation and update project contracts. The lawyers at LLP Law|Patent draw up escrow agreements, ensure license and open source compliance and advise on the design of digital platforms. LLP Law|Patent’s activities also include training project leaders and managers of IT companies in the legally secure handling of the drafting and execution of technology-related contracts. LLP Law|Patent provides its clients with the necessary legal expertise in e-commerce, domain law and public IT tenders (IT procurement law, EVB IT system, etc.).

Designing IT projects in line with your interests: according to waterfall or agile methodology

Increasingly, IT projects have to start before the actual project objective has been determined or all the necessary details have been contractually specified. There are many reasons for this: the costs for a preliminary project for the purpose of specification are too high, there is a lack of time or personnel resources or this approach is not appropriate because it is foreseeable that the project goal will change over the duration of the project due to a variety of other influencing factors (moving target). In these cases, an approach and contract design based on the classic waterfall methodology is not an option. The parties must agree on an agile approach. For such highly complex project contracts, LLP Law|Patent provides specialized lawyers with the necessary experience who are able, among other things, to identify differences in the agile methods of the parties’ project teams, draft the necessary project governance regulations, outsource the documentation of certain contract contents to the digital project management tools and apply the instruments of service and work contract law to this project methodology in an interest-oriented manner.

Avoiding misalignments in IT projects and rescuing projects

LLP Law|Patent provides competent strategies for avoiding misalignments in IT projects and for rescuing IT projects that have run into difficulties. To avoid conflicts, we draw up governance regulations for participants in extensive or long-term IT projects, including any escalation and mediation processes. These cover the various parties involved in project control and project management – from the project manager to the members of steering committees – their decision-making processes and work equipment (project management tools) as well as communication channels. In the event that IT projects run into difficulties, LLP Law|Patent stands by its clients as a partner to analyze and evaluate all options for rescuing the project and efficiently implementing the identified rescue strategy.