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Co-operation partners

At LLP Law | Patent, our co-operation extends not only to national but also international co-operation partners who expand our network.

We have made a conscious decision in favour of partnerships that pursue our goal: To combine technology and law. Our aim is not only to achieve joint success, but above all to represent our clients with long-term commitment. Working in a common location such as with tecLEGAL forms a solid basis for this. Our clients benefit from the new synergies created by the close co-operation between an experienced team of lawyers and a well-qualified back office.

With our national cooperation partner tecLEGAL and owner Dr Oliver M. Habel RAe, we share a passion for new technologies, their application and the people behind them. Both law firms are very familiar with the legal requirements of the technology sector. This is why tecLEGAL Habel Rechtsanwälte and LLP Law | Patent complement each other perfectly.

Nationale Partner von LLp Law

National Partners

Lüke Müll GmbH

Wirtschaftsprüfung | Steuerberatung
Mozartstr. 18
80336 München

Christoph Nieberding

Business Development
Rosenheimer Str. 145 d
81671 München

Internationale Partner von LLp Law

International Partners

Claydon Law

Prama House
267 Banbury Road

Hager & Partner

Musterplatz 2
I-39100 Bozen

Mitglieder von LLp Law



Bundesfachverband der IT-Sachverständigen und Gutachter e.V.
Boveristraße 3
68526 Ladenburg


Potsdamer Str. 7
10785 Berlin