Sector orientation of LLP LAW/PATENT

Expertise through focus

We specialize in selected industries and have developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of our clients’ products and business models.

When we advise, we listen and develop an understanding of the business models and industry-specific technologies and requirements in order to offer our clients tailor-made solutions that make the crucial difference.

Automation | Logistics

Companies in the fields of automation and logistics are driving the digitalization of industry across all sectors. LLP Law|Patent supports these companies in optimizing their positioning in the supply chain and in the legally compliant use of technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, engen learning and IoT.

Automotive | Transportation

LLP Law|Patent advises companies from OEMs to Tier 3 suppliers on solving challenging legal issues. These include regulatory requirements, the increasing networking of vehicles and systems, data protection, IT security and the regulation of liability issues in the supply chain, in particular in connection with autonomous driving.

Blockchain | NFT

Blockchain technology has gained considerable importance in various industries and is used, for example, in industrial applications, by fintechs, in the gaming industry and in the real estate sector. LLP Law|Patent advises on the legal protection of new business models based on this technology, its decentralized processes and its smart contract functionality.

Electronics | Embedded System

LLP Law|Patent supports the electronics industry, from component and printed circuit board (pcb) suppliers to developers of boards and embedded systems to suppliers of end products, in solving the procurement and quality problems that have grown in recent years. Questions relating to software development, the use of open source and all issues relating to intellectual property are also addressed. 

Internet | E-Commerce

Companies operating in the field of digital technologies, online platforms, e-commerce activities and related services receive the necessary legal support from LLP Law|Patent. This includes advice on the establishment of online marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, the integration of payment processors, logistics service providers and compliance with regulatory requirements.

IT | Software

LLP Law|Patent specialises in advising companies in the IT and software sector that focus on the development, implementation and maintenance of software and information technologies. Key aspects of our advice include issues relating to intellectual property, the establishment of distribution models, the use of open source and AI, and participation in public procurement procedures.

Industrie 4.0 | IoT | Big Data

The Industry 4.0 sector comprises companies that develop, implement and offer technologies and solutions to introduce revolutionary production and control concepts in various industries using new technologies such as IoT, big data, AI and cloud solutions. LLP Law|Patent advises both the providers and their target customers.

Machine and Equipment Engineering

In Germany, machine and equipment manufacturing is one of the most important branches of industry and plays a central role in exports. LLP Law | Patent advises these industry players, for example, on the conducting of their international business, the integration of suppliers and contract manufacturers, the digitalisation of their manufacturing and the introduction of operator and data-based business models.

Real Estate | Construction | TGA (Technical Building Equipment)

In the real estate sector, LLP Law|Patent advises planners, developers, builders, equipment suppliers, property managers and buyers and sellers of real estate, including the corresponding portfolios. This ranges from the drafting of construction contracts and contracts for charging infrastructure, to the implementation of construction processes and the development of new IT-supported business models for property management.

Semiconductors | LED

LLP Law|Patent advises companies in the semiconductor and LED sectors on all legal issues relating to the design of their components (EDA), the automation of their production, the procurement of direct and indirect materials, the establishment of selective distribution systems, the safeguarding of the supply chain and their other operational business activities.

Aerospace | Defense

New technologies and changing global conditions have a strong impact on the aerospace and defence sector. LLP Law|Patent considers itself to be excellently positioned to provide legal advice on the very specific challenges of these industries, particularly in advising SMEs and start-ups on intellectual property issues.