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Mediation & Litigation

In troubled times: Drive and expertise for the client

Conflicts are inevitable in today’s extremely collaborative business world. They can arise between companies, between different departments within a company, at employee or shareholder level. If conflicts are not dealt with proactively, they can have a serious impact on the success of a project, the productivity of a company, the corporate culture, the image and ultimately the success of the business. LLP Law|Patent sees itself not only as a law firm, but also as a dispute resolution and mediator specializing in finding sustainable solutions, avoiding unnecessary and costly escalations and rescuing companies and projects embroiled in disputes. Precise contractual regulations on escalation processes and the escalation stages in the company (contractual governance rules) make a significant contribution to avoiding legal disputes and prevent premature recourse to the courts. 

Mediation processes for conflict avoidance and resolution

Experienced lawyers at LLP Law|Patent have additional specialized training as mediators. One area in which mediation can be particularly valuable is employment law. These pre-litigation proceedings are often not just about legal issues, but rather about emotions, perceptions and misunderstandings. Mediation is essentially a confidential and structured process in which the parties to a conflict voluntarily and independently seek an amicable settlement of their conflict with the help of one or more mediators. It is a form of dialogue that aims to create a win-win situation for all parties involved. The advantages of mediation over traditional legal disputes are numerous. In addition to shorter proceedings, it also offers significantly lower costs than litigation. Another invaluable advantage is the possibility of preserving the future business relationship, an important advantage if the parties need or want to remain in business with each other. It is a universal procedure that can be used in almost any area of law and any conflict situation.

Representation before state courts and arbitration tribunals

If agreed escalation processes or mediation procedures do not achieve the desired result, the enforcement or defense of claims before state courts or arbitration tribunals remains. The attorneys at LLP Law|Patent conduct litigation with many years of experience, strategic vision and determined drive. Our expertise in a technology-oriented environment is particularly noteworthy. For many years, our experts have represented complex cases from sectors such as the semiconductor industry, automotive industry, mechanical engineering and software programming. We also regularly represent our clients’ interests in court with passion, specialist knowledge and many years of experience in areas such as company law, architectural and construction law.