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A reliable partner for national and international B2B business

As a boutique law firm, LLP Law|Patent specializes in the B2B sector and offers start-ups, medium-sized companies and large international corporations individually tailored legal advice for their business activities in Germany and abroad. We develop valuable and industry-specific solutions for the diverse questions and tasks that our clients face when establishing, expanding, implementing and managing their business relationships. These solutions take companies a decisive step forward and protect them from commercial risks. Where necessary and in consultation with our clients, we work together with national and international cooperation partners of LLP Law|Patent. This enables us to keep an eye on all relevant aspects of the increasing regulation of national and international trade for our clients and to protect them from unpleasant surprises. We see ourselves as a partner to our clients, helping them with the necessary agility and reliability to be and remain able to meet all the legal challenges of their national and international B2B business relationships.

Standing still is a step backwards – only further training and specialization leads to progress

As comprehensive as the regional and global economy operates today, so too are the tasks for legal advisors in commercial law. In addition to commercial and contract law, purchasing and procurement law, direct and indirect distribution law, public procurement law, real estate law and competition law, all questions and tasks relating to IT and data law, intellectual property law, corporate law, employment and personnel law are of great legal importance for a commercial enterprise. The legal expertise of LLP Law|Patent covers this broad range of areas of commercial law, both with national and international implications. Our aim is not just to operate on the surface, but to go into depth as a specialist, to understand the specific environment of our clients and to constantly develop our skills. Whenever it is helpful and increases efficiency, LLP Law|Patent also uses legal tech tools and AI products as part of its advice. Diversity in specialization and continuous learning and training processes are our strength.

Legal support: Customized – industry-specific – agile – tech-savvy

Thanks to the many years of practice and experience of its lawyers, LLP Law|Patent has succeeded in developing a high level of knowledge in various industries. We are familiar in detail with industry-specific technical terms, abbreviations and customs. In new sectors, we have learned to listen very carefully to our clients and are able to quickly identify sector-specific deviations and special interests and incorporate them precisely into our legal advice. Particularly when it comes to legal advice in international commercial law, every industry is special, every case is unique, every client has its own challenges and requires the right solutions. The lawyers and patent attorneys at LLP Law|Patent make sure that they are always available to answer their clients’ questions.  In an acute crisis, such as a data breach, a cyber attack, an audit or a search by a supervisory or investigative authority, LLP Law|Patent’s clients receive rapid and concrete assistance from specialized and dedicated attorneys, if necessary around the clock.

Purchasing and Sales

A reliable partner for legally sound and economically viable solutions in purchasing and sales, customised to the specific needs of start-ups, SMEs and corporations.

Commercial and Contract Law

Experienced advice on cross-border business relationships and international contracts, focussing on efficiency and support for legal departments and contract managers.

Real Estate

Comprehensive legal advice on real estate matters, including commercial tenancy law and support with the digital transformation in the real estate sector.

Public Procurement Law

First-class bidder support in public procurement law, from strategic orientation to legally optimised bid preparation, including expertise in EVB IT contracts and concession awards.

Competition law

Protection against unfair practices, defence of intellectual property and legal advice for a fair and successful business environment.