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IT & Data

Experts for digital and data-based business models and projects

The challenges of digital upheaval through software, AI and data-based business models require specialized legal support. Radical changes to entire industries and the almost infinite scalability of new business models are confronted with complex, constantly changing national and international legislation. LLP Law|Patent supports companies as a strategic partner in addressing IT and data law issues with the utmost precision and expertise and in optimally protecting and promoting the innovative strength of its clients through legal solutions. Legal issues in digital business are to be regarded as a cross-sectional matter and operate in the field of tension between different areas of law, including data protection law, software and copyright law, competition law, distribution law, media law and general civil law. LLP Law|Patent combines these areas of law with the necessary technical understanding and digital mindset to provide its clients with the necessary national and international competitive advantage. We implement our clients’ IT projects and data-based business models in all phases in a goal-oriented, pragmatic and risk-appropriate manner.

Utilizing legal leeway for IT and AI projects

Information technology (IT) and artificial intelligence (AI) law are core competencies of LLP Law|Patent. The highly specialized attorneys at our future-oriented and technology-enthusiastic law firm provide you with reliable and holistic support for complex and innovative IT projects: From agile development contracts, service level agreements, software as a service and cloud contracts to open source compliance checks and extensive outsourcing projects. Artificial intelligence is changing the way digital products are developed and business is conducted. LLP Law| Patent is at the forefront of developments and advises companies on all legal aspects of AI integration into their product portfolio and day-to-day operations. We seize all available legal leeway to optimize IT and AI projects in the interest of our clients.

Comprehensive advice on data law

Data is the fuel of digital transformation and the initiator of new business areas. The constantly evolving field of data law encompasses all legal aspects related to data protection law and the data economy, in particular in connection with the use and transfer of data, the trade in and management of data. LLP Law|Patent offers a wide range of legal services designed to provide legal protection for the digital transformation of companies and business relationships in the field of the digital data economy and technology-driven business models. Data law is a very dynamic field that continuously reacts to global and European developments in technology and law. LLP Law| Patent provides legal advice and strategy development for international data transfer and compliance with data regulation – especially in light of new legal frameworks such as the EU Data Act and the Data Governance Act.


Legal advice for the successful integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into companies and corporate processes, including liability issues, protection of intellectual property and compliance.


Expertise in contract design and compliance with data protection regulations, including the appointment of and advice from an external data protection officer.


Comprehensive legal advice in the IT sector: from drafting contracts to project rescue. Specialised in software licence agreements, service level agreements and agile project methodology.