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Employment Law & Compliance

Expertise in employment law and legally compliant corporate behavior

LLP Law|Patent offers customised solutions in the area of employment law and compliance for companies of all sizes. We support our clients in modern employment relationships and compliance with legal requirements. Managers, supervisory bodies and senior executives must ensure compliant behaviour, including information obligations and adaptation of structural and operational processes. LLP Law|Patent advises on the design and updating of corporate governance structures, the implementation of employment law requirements, the minimizing of risks and liability cases by introducing and monitoring compliance management systems.

Specialists in employment law

LLP Law|Patent assists in drafting and reviewing employment contracts, including policies on company cars, home office and artificial intellegience (AI) in the workplace. Our services include warning letters, dismissal protection processes, the organisation of joint operations, outsourcing and employee leasing as well as legal issues relating to transfers of undertakings. We draft legally compliant employment agreements and references and advise on dismissals, employee inventor remuneration, data protection in labour law and legally compliant contracts for freelancers, managing directors and termination agreements. We also provide support with parental leave, part-time work, mini-jobs, working student contracts, training contracts, partial retirement, company integration management (BEM), short-time work, inflation compensation bonuses and variable remuneration models. We are also experts in the area of the German Equal Treatment Act (AGG) and ensure compliance with these regulations.

Comprehensive compliance advice

Legal regulations are crucial for the integrity and growth of a company. LLP Law|Patent provides comprehensive compliance services to assist clients with regulatory requirements. We provide legal expertise and train managers and employees to foster a deep understanding of compliance issues. We advise on money laundering law, the Whistleblower Directive and ensure compliance with export control rules, data protection compliance and trade secrets law. With the EU Data Act and the importance of AI, we offer advice on the latest requirements in the AI environment.

Employment Law

Comprehensive advice for companies of all sizes and their employees. Specialising in employment contracts, works agreements, protection against dismissal, data protection and the German Equal Treatment Act (AGG).


Regulatory compliance support, training for managers and employees, comprehensive advice on money laundering, whistleblower policies, export control requirements, data protection and trade secrets.